Company Introduction

Since 1983, Seoul Machinery has worked tirelessly to earn its reputation for quality and dependability
that is now recognized throughout the industry. Over three decades of operation, we have accumulated
invaluable experience and expertise which is evident in the quality and performance of our products.

We are a team of driven individuals united in our goal to improve, innovate and deliver excellence. We
value integrity, our employees, safety, the environment, our community and, of course, our clients.
Seoul Machinery’s dedication to delivering unparalleled products and services has us constantly
searching for new ways to improve and modernize our operations. These include furthering education
and training, advanced technology development,
expansion of facilities & capabilities, and streamlining
infrastructure & work flow.

Seoul Machinery is able to offer customers the best
value in the industry by consistently providing products
and services that are superior in quality & performance,
competitively priced and delivered on time.

Exceptional quality products and services focused on
continued customer satisfaction have been the
hallmarks of Seoul Machinery. Our future will be
defined by this legacy and our strong determination
to be a leader, not a follower, in the global
plant industry.