• Seoul Machinery possesses the design and fabrication expertise to manufacture the
    safest and most efficient equipment for the high temperature and pressure conditions of
    the oil & gas industry. Seoul Machinery has extensive experience in the development of
    infrastructures in the Middle East, primarily providing filtering towers, gasification
    equipment, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and storage tanks.
  • Seoul Machinery uses precision engineering and strict quality control to manufacture
    reactors that are corrosion resistant, high in performance and long lasting. We are able
    to fabricate a variety of sophisticated reactors to meet the ever-increasing demands of
    the process industry, including special materials like Aluminum and Titanium.
  • Seoul Machinery has provided completely automated processing lines and equipment
    for many leading steel manufacturers worldwide. We have fabricated processing lines
    and associated equipment that produce durable, quality steel in a variety of thicknesses
    while cutting energy costs and improving overall efficiency.
  • As more stringent regulations are being placed on the effects of energy production on
    the environment, Seoul Machinery is focused on producing cleaner, more efficient
    energy in areas such as: geothermal, combined heat & power, incineration, and FGD.
  • energy projects
  • Seoul Machinery is actively involved in commercializing innovative solutions to the
    challenges our customers are currently facing because of increased government
    regulations and the need for sustainable energy resources. Seoul Machinery has
    accumulated more than two decades of experience in biofuels production, waste-to-
    energy (MSW, forestry byproducts), carbon capture and wastewater treatment. As
    renewable energy technologies become more effective & economical, Seoul
    Machinery is committed to unlocking their true potential.
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