Quality HSE

OHSAS 18001
In a potentially dangerous industry, safety is not taken lightly at Seoul
Machinery. Our employees are our mtost valuable asset and we are
committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. To
maintain the health and safety of our staff we have enlisted an OHSAS
18001 certified management system to provide control mechanisms for
ensuring a comprehensive approach to safety.

● Comply with applicable laws, international standards, codes and client requirements
concerning occupational health and safety
● Educate and train all new employees on potential work environment hazards and
safety precautions
● Continue safety training and skill development
● Regularly reinforce safety awareness in the minds of employees
● Conduct toolbox meetings to address specific safety concerns on the job and ensure
proper use of equipment & tools
● Place signage strategically in the work environment to remind employees of potential
● Equipment & work environment is regularly checked for safety concerns
● Improve the overall work environment for employees
● Ensure any and all incidents/injuries are properly reported and investigated to
prevent future occurrences.
● Maintain safety record of zero incidents/accidents

ISO 14001
Seoul Machinery recognizes the importance of preserving the
environment and is committed to conducting operations that minimize
harmful effects on the environment. We employ an ISO 14001 certified
environmental management system.

● Surpass the conditions for both current and future environmental legislation and
● Carefully consider potentially harmful environmental effects in project planning.
● Educate and train employees about potential hazards and proper methods of
● Minimize the impact of our activities, products and services through waste
reduction, reuse and recycling.
● Periodic and complete evaluations of our manufacturing processes followed by
corrective actions.